After several minor roles, the former college athletics standout and theater actor, Jamal Johnson, is finally making waves in the mainstream film industry with the multi-award winning short film ‘2 Wrongs‘.

Jamal received multiple acclamations and recognition for his portrayal of the film’s protagonist ‘Devon.’ The plot revolves around a single father with a troubled past who must overcome seemingly unbeatable odds to create a better life for himself and his bi-racial daughter. Aside from having the lead role in the said movie, he was also the executive producer together with director and friend, Andy Cruz.

Jamal Lloyd Johnson was born in Los Angeles, California, to Willie Mae Johnson and Javis Johnson, also known as UadilifuKashta). A North African, Caucasian, and Native American descendant, Jamal was a standout high school athlete and continued his athletic career playing as a Division 1 college athlete.

Jamal started his acting career in college. While playing for his school, Jamal starred in several local commercials and also did voice acting. Years later, he graduated and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication. Finding his passion for acting and performance arts, Jamal enrolled and took up Theater Arts in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York.

The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York is a 135-year-old institution known to produce industry legends such as Robert Redford, Danny DeVito, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, and Paul Rudd. The influential pool of the academy holds a total of 110 Oscar®, 318 Emmy®, and 95 Tony® nominations. The institute’s training program enables its students to soar and make a mark in the industry, and Jamal is no different.

From then on, Jamal’s acting career began to set sail. He starred in several theater plays and had also done work starring in several commercials, tv-series, and films. Some of Jamal’s recent credits are in “Just Roll With It" of entertainment giant Walt Disney and playing the lead role in the feature film “Eurotrash." So far, Jamal’s career continues to flourish as an award-winning actor.

Furthermore, because of his North African, Caucasian, and Native American bloodline, Jamal was gifted with a natural physique that can make heads turn. With an athletic build and a colossal height of 6’4, he is often compared or mistaken to famous actors like Dwayne “The Rock" Johnson and Mike Colter, who starred in the Marvel Universe films.

Jamal’s sports background has been the reason behind this stark feature, which landed him several projects in the industry. He has a Masters Degree in Sports and Fitness Management from The University of San Francisco. In 2001, he received a black belt in Karate from the Shinjimasu International Karate Association and competed in several martial arts tournaments across the country from 2000-2004. He bagged the 1st place many times while sparring in the HeavyWeight Division. Sadly, his sports career ended when he met a knee injury that concluded his competitions.

To further and elevate his career to the next level, Jamal states that he wants to link with people who are dedicated in creating a better version of themselves, which sparked him to create Camera Ready Body.

Jamal has already worked out with several athletes and celebrities.